Life as a six-year-old. by sarah burger

Life as a six-year-old.

by sarah burger

A day in the life of my six year old.

Meet my son, Asher. He recently started Kindergarten and turned 6. He's smart, energetic, and knows more animal facts than anyone I know.

Asher engages in private speech often during the day. In this photo, he's working through a homework sheet and talking aloud to himself.

One of Asher's favorite things to do is engage in rough-and-tumble play. His favorite friends are the kids he chases during recess.

In school, they've been working on improving metacognitive abilities. Learning to read is challenging but some strategies make it easier.

He has taken an interest in helping out in the kitchen. Unfortunately, he has yet to master the fine motor skills required to crack an egg.

He is in the zone of proximal development, though, and is able to complete the task with a little scaffolding. Soon, no help will be needed.

He is learning that, with a little help, he can accomplish some pretty exciting things. Working his way to independence - one egg at a time.

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Life as a six-year-old. by sarah burger
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