feminism from the inside out by Amy Champ

feminism from the inside out

by Amy Champ

my story about dealing with today

we are told: it's what is on the inside that matters, but sometimes it seems like a lie.

sometimes you have to consult your sisters, claw your way back to the truth, and find your Inner Yoga Cowgirl. be creative goddamnit!

they say they saw the looters walk into the flames, many never returned. some bodies can’t be counted. some loves can’t yet be claimed.

to fathom the depth of my longing is to dive into the ocean and disappear. what am i figuring out now? what am i learning?

i can go into the depths of longing, find my Lord, find my safety, feel the heart expand, stay occupied, or i can fight back.

today i am learning how to destroy illusions and plans and the thinking that it needs to be a certain way. reminding me how boxed in I am...

the type of work i need to do is endless,not the computer stuff, the never ending round of forms, but personal work, digging away at my ego.

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feminism from the inside out by Amy Champ
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