The Young Life of Avery by Hannah Lamere

The Young Life of Avery

by Hannah Lamere

Avery is my niece and this is a story about her young life. Its limited due to the limitations of the content on the 7 allowed pages.

~PRENATAL PERIOD~ Ave started out small and grew and grew and GREW for nine months until she came into this world on December 31, 2014.

~ATTACHMENT~ Little Avery grew fond of Mom and Dad very quickly and even Grandma and Auntie (That's ME!) after not too long.

At times ~SEPARATION ANXIETY~ takes over; the distress when a familiar caregiver leaves causes crying.

~BABBLING~ Nonsensical stringing of repeating vowels at 6-10 months and overtime become more word like.

Creating a rich environment when a child is young is vital for their development and also for their distraction. HAHA =]

AVE CAN WALK! She prefers to crawl since its more stable but she can walk. Toddlers start to walk fairly well around their first birthday.

Ave is busy learning & growing everyday and that sure can be exhausting! Being just 15 months old, Avery sure does have a lot more to learn.

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The Young Life of Avery by Hannah Lamere
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