A Great Life by Cassidy Sheda

A Great Life

by Cassidy Sheda

My Grandpa Jeff was a great man who lived a to love his family and loved to ride his scooter.

My Grandfather served his country in Vietnam in the United States Army. He would tell me stories of the war on occasions.

There is nothing more that he loved than his family. So every chance that he got he made the trip to Minnesota to visit us.

There was no other hobby Jeff enjoyed more than riding his scooter but his decline health with a chronic medical condition made it hard.

So he my parents welcomed him to move to our home. His self-efficacy was declining and he needed help doing simple tasks.

Jeff's health declined fast in the 6 month he lived with us. His goal was to see me and my sister graduate. We are dizygotic twins.

Sadly he did not meet that goal. On January 24, 2015 he took his last breath, with his daughter, my mom by his side.

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A Great Life by Cassidy Sheda
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