We Love You Kellie! by Dorene Paul

We Love You Kellie!

by Dorene Paul

Kellie is a wonderful sister, wife, grandma, mom, and sister in law and cousin and friend!

We love your hubby Steve too! You two have had some amazing adventures, from Hawaii to Mexicto to the Lake Erie Islands!

Kellie was born to Paul and Joyce Orshoski, the youngest of six children. The Orshoski family was full of energy, love, and fun!

One of Kellie's earliest pets was Sam the dog. Another was Patches the cat. Kellie used to read to Patches.

Kellie had several siblings: Dorene, Paul, Robin, Todd and Matt. We like to think we taught her a lot of things :)

Kellie would have three boys of her own, Bryon, Tony and Casey. She later would have grandchildren and lots of extended family members.

These are just some of the many members of Kellie's extended family.

Kellie cares about her family, and helps them out. She hosts a lot of the family gatherings where memories are made.

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We Love You Kellie! by Dorene Paul
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